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How To Create Your Own Online Presence And Your Customers Automatically Share Your Products Using These Easy But Carefully Funnel Advertisement Secrets

Why Businesses Should GoONLINE

More than 60% of the population in South East Asia uses Smart Devices and more than 50% of these people

shop online

Retail businesses suffer due to the increasing number of online shopping platforms and the ease of shopping anywhere, anytime.

Businesses need to go online to maintain competitiveness and to fulfill the convenience of the customers who shop online

Google Ads

Google Ads Pay per Click
The average cost per click in Google Ads is US$2.69 on the search network.

Google adwords cost

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads Pay per Click
The average cost per click in Facebook Ads is US$1.72 on all industries

fb ad costs

V-More AdTech

V-More AdTech Pay per Unique View

Every Unique View is Only US$0.20. No charges when same viewer clicks on your ad.


Advertisrs on V-More Ad Tech

GrabFood (Regional)

Amazon Prime (Singapore)

Circles.Life (Singapore)

Norton 360 (Singapore)

Zoono Group (Singapore)

Lee Mart (Singapore)

Orient King Diver (Singapore)

Legendary Bak Ku Teh (Singapore)

Yoogane Korean Food (Singapore)

Knovus Florist Shop (Singapore)

PF3 Renovation Company (Singapore)

Fitbelly Catering (Indonesia)

Duntan Vintner (Singapore)

Purpleflakez Web Solutions (Singapore)

Ci Feng Bak Ku Teh (Singapore)

Mosanco (Singapore)

Mount Studio (Singapore)

SGBizSpace (Singapore)

The Beef Station (Singapore)

Innovation Garage (Singapore)

Uncle Patrick's Towing (Singapore)

SG Cab Transport (Singapore)

High Pressure Hand Shower (Online)

Pet Bathing Tool (Online)

Thrive and Propser with our Digital Solutions

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Ready-Friendly Interface for you to track your Sales

adtech delivers


Each advertisement campaign is designed based on individual business needs.


Ensures the attention and interaction from real humans who are ready buyers


Our advance Call To Action features allows our viewers to buy after watching your ads


Our Clients received good results in just a few days

We link the following Services Providers to help the Communities:

SG Business UNITED Community Campaign - A Non-profit community campaign

Founded by a Group of Likeminded and dedicated success Entreprenuers who wished to help Singapore Business owners.

Global Digital Transformation supports community


Businesses Can Score Big Harnessing Technology And The Internet Despite Pandemic Challenges

Introducing A Social Media Marketing & Loyalty Rewards System

(Eligible for Up to 98% Singapore Government Grant)

~ Manage all customers and actively engage them them via an extensive dashboard

Key Features:

~ Loss Prevention

~ Automatic Social Media Marketing

~ Short Message Blasting

~ Increase Likes and Shares

~ Increase Sales and Awareness

~ Customer Loyalty Management

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- Food & Beverages industry


- Home Renovation industry

Why V-More Ad TechWORKS

Watch The Science Of Six Degrees Of Separation

The Science behind Six Degrees Of Separation

Amazingly, we could be connected to anyone else in just six steps on Earth. Your Business, with just five other people, could effectively be connected to Tom Cruise, Bill Gates, or even the Queen of England.

The question is how can we motivate the customers to spread your business to another person? We are all connected in 1 way or another. If you are reading this, it meant we are connected!

With the current technology, we have made it happen! By the time you read this, someone had viral our client's business to their friends in social media

Your Business could be NEXT!

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